Our Mission

Information assurance is the common goal for security professionals. Information assurance is dependent upon confidentiality, integrity, and availability: the triad of security. Confidentiality is trusting that the information is used with proper authority, the information is safe from unintended audiences. Integrity is trusting that the information has not been altered or will not be altered at any point other than when alterations are intentional. Availability is achieved when the information can be accessed whenever needed. This triad is the framework that the John A. Logan College Center for Information Assurance is built on. Our intent is to provide access to resources that will prepare prospective students, enrolled students and alumni alike with current industry information.

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May News

JALC designated as a National Center for Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Research

John A. Logan College is proud to announce that we have been awarded the Center of Academic Excellence designation from the National Security Association and Department of Homeland Security. The designation benefits to a CAE2Y institution are significant:  recognition of the quality of the program by industry, professional associations, and academe; seamless program articulation with CAE universities; better job placement and/or transfer opportunities for students; opportunities for collaboration with other CAE2Y and CAE institutions; improved institutional standing in the local, regional, and professional community; opportunities for institutional/program marketing; and monetary support. Only one other community college and six universities in Illinois have this prestigious designation. Thank you to those who made this designation possible with their contribution of time and effort that were detrimental to completing the application.


About CAE2Y

The purpose of the National CAE designation program is to promote higher education in IA and CD and prepare a growing number of IA/CD professionals to meet the need to reduce vulnerabilities in the Nation’s networks. The initial National CAE in IA Education (CAE/IAE) program was started by NSA in 1998, with DHS joining as a partner in 2004 in response to the President’s National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace. The CAE in IA Research (CAE-R) program was added in 2008 to encourage universities and students to pursue higher-level doctoral research in Cybersecurity. In 2010, the CAE in Two-Year IA Education (CAE2Y) program was established to afford two-year institutions, technical schools, and government training centers that are also teaching IA curricula, the opportunity to receive such designation.

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