F - Alphabetical Directory

Name & Department Phone & Location
Fair, Cornelius – Instructor of Speech
Communications / Humanities / Social Science
Email: corneliusfair@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8705
Location: C220 07
Falaster, Marilyn – Director of Nursing
Email: marilynfalaster@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8455
Location: G218F
Farris, Donna – Associate Degree Nursing Instructor
Email: donnafarris@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8620
Location: G218K
Farris, Maria – Instructor of Health
Life and Physical Science
Email: mariafarris@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8872
Ferketich, Kodie – Instructor of Engineering Graphics
Applied Technologies
Email: kodieferketich@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8718
Location: Guest box
Ferris, Tom – Men's Head Golf Coach
Email: tomferris@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8438
Location: C107B
Field, Catherine – Instructor of Sociology
Communications / Humanities / Social Science
Email: catherinefield@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8781
Location: Guest box
Fleming, Kay – Dean of Workforce Development and Adult Education
Workforce Development and Adult Education
Email: kayfleming@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8417
Location: H101A
Ford, Donna – Associate Professor of Life Science/Biology
Life and Physical Science
Email: donnaford@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8463
Location: C258H
Forer, Jo – Instructor of Biology
Life and Physical Science
Email: joforer@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8519
Location: C259A
Fox, Rickie – Instructor of Welding
Applied Technologies
Email: rickiefox@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8826
Fox, Toyin – Director of Diversity and Inclusion
Diversity and Inclusion
Email: toyinfox@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8586
Location: C207D
Franklin, Monte – Instructor of Mathematics
Business / Computer Science / Mathematics
Email: montefranklin@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8723
Location: B71 D 03
Froemling, Christine – Instructor of Health Information Technology
Allied Health and Public Services
Email: christinefroemling@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8580
Location: E248