M - Alphabetical Directory

Name & Department Phone & Location
Maeser, Mike – Coordinator of Occupational Health and Safety Training
Center for Business and Industry
Email: mikemaeser@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8652
Location: H202
Major, Judy – Instructor of Mathematics
Business / Computer Science / Mathematics
Email: judymajor@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8748
Location: Guest box
Malone, Doris – Certified Nursing Assistant Instructor
Email: dorismalone@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8105
Location: G218J
Mann, Lisa – Executive Director
Women for Health and Wellness
Email: lisamann@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8469
Location: C227B
Marjanovich, Angel – Basic Skills Tutor / Advisor (Mathematics)
Student Success
Email: angelmarjanovich@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8306
Location: C218H
Marks, Heather – Early Childhood Specialist III
Email: heathermarks@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8246
Location: D270
Marrs, Christy – Director of Compensation & Benefit Services
Payroll and Benefits
Email: christymarrs@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8222
Location: C114
Marrs, Dale – Building Maintenance
Building and Grounds
Email: dalemarrs@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8263
Location: E102
Marshall, Shanin – Staff Accountant
Financial Operations
Email: shaninmarshall@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8484
Location: C114
Martin-Dick, Tricia – Social Science Department
Communications / Humanities / Social Science
Email: triciamartin@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8848
Location: Guest box
Maschhoff, Jennifer – Instructor of Public Service
Allied Health and Public Service
Email: jennifermaschhoff@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 9904
Mathis, Nicole – Administrative Assistant V to the Dean of Student Services
Student Services
Email: nicolemathis@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8221
Location: C201
Matthias, Marcia – Instructor of Business
Business / Computer Science / Mathematics
Email: marciamatthias@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8861
Location: Guest box
May, Rose – Administrative Assistant III
Facility Scheduling
Email: rosemay@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8343
Location: C109
May, Steve – Instructor of Construction Management
Applied Technologies
Phone / Extension: 8829
Location: Guest box
May, Susan – Assistant to the President
Office of the President
Email: susanmay@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8428
Location: A3
Mayer, Shelby – Instructor of Public Service
Allied Health and Public Services
Email: shelbymayer@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8735
Location: Guest box
McBride, Christy – Director of Testing Services
Testing Services
Email: christymcbride@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8496
Location: C205D
McCormick, Brad – Vice-President of Business Services and College Facilities
Office of the Vice President of Business Services
Email: bradmccormick@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8204
Location: A7
McCroy, David – Custodian
Building and Grounds
Email: davidmccroy@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8624
Location: E102
McCuan, Lisa – IDHS CCR&R Child Care Facilitator
Child Care Resource and Referral
Email: lisamccuan@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 985-5980 Ext 1238
Location: Child Care Resource and Referral
McDonald, Dennis – Instructor of History
Communications / Humanities / Social Science
Email: dennismcdonald@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8824
Location: Guest box
McFarland, Jason – Instructor of Auto Collision/Auto Services
Applied Technologies
Email: jasonmcfarland@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8375
Location: VOC9
McGee, Jacqueline – Coordinator of Systems and Information
Child Care Resource and Referral
Email: jackiemcgee@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 985-5980 Ext 1240
Location: Child Care Resource and Referral
McGee, Rebecca – Veteran's Office Specialist III
Email: rebeccamcgee@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8563
Location: C206
McGhee, Brandyn – Theatre Technician III
Student Activities and Cultural Events
Email: brandynmcghee@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8542
Location: B34B
McGinnis, Tom – Coordinator of Transfer Programs
Academic Affairs
Email: tommcginnis@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8697
Location: G206
McGuire, Erin – Associate Degree / PN Instructor
Email: erinmcguire@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8210
Location: G218H
McKenzie, Robert – Instructor of Chemistry
Life and Physical Science
Email: robertmckenzie@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8454
Location: G104E
McKinney, Vickie – Instructor of Allied Health
Allied Health and Public Service
Email: vickiemckinney@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8704
McLaskey, Michelle – Secretary
Coal Mining Technology
Email: michellemclaskey@jalcdom.jal.cc.il.us
Phone / Extension: 8272
Location: VOC 26
McLaughlin, Colleen – Director of Pre-school
Email: colleenmclaughlin@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8241
Location: D270
McReynolds, Pam – Administrative Assistant IV
Building and Grounds
Email: pammcreynolds@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8263
Location: E102
Meacham, Marie – IDHS CCAP Case Manager
Child Care Resource and Referral
Email: mariemeacham@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 985-5980 Ext 1226
Location: Child Care Resource and Referral
Melvin, Sharyl – Secretary IV
Office of the President
Email: sharylmelvin@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8358
Location: A19
Middleton, Mike – Retention Facilitator
Academic Advisement
Email: mikemiddleton@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8142
Location: C204I
Mikulay, Tammy – Payroll Accounting Clerk
Payroll and Benefits
Email: tammymikulay@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8511
Location: C114
Milam, Barbara – Grants Assistant
Email: bmilam@siccm.com
Phone / Extension: 618-942-6902
Location: SICCM
Miller, Samuel – Campus Safety Officer
Campus Police
Email: sammiller@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8218
Location: E120
Minton, Jane – Instructor of Humanities
Communications / Humanities / Social Science
Email: janeminton@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8822
Location: Guest box
Montgomery, Tim – Instructor of Heating and Air Conditioning
Applied Technologies
Email: timothymontgomery@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8837
Location: Guest box
Morhet, Francie – ABE Counselor/Facilitator
Adult Basic / Secondary Education
Email: franciemorhet@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8901
Location: H107C
Morris, Richard – Instructor of Criminal Justice
Location: Guest Box
Moseley, Megan – Coordinator of Human Resources
Human Resources
Email: meganmoseley@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8640
Location: C116
Mueller, Jason – Custodian
Building and Grounds
Email: jasonmueller@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8673
Location: E102
Murry, Marilyn – Infant & Toddler Specialist
Child Care Resource and Referral
Email: marilynmurry@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 985-5975 Ext 1242
Location: CCR&R
Myatt, Elizabeth – Director of Accounting Services
Financial Operations
Email: elizabethmyatt@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8675
Location: C114D