O - Alphabetical Directory

Name & Department Phone & Location
O'Connell, Laura – Instructor of Physical Science
Life and Physical Science
Email: lauraoconnell@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8858
Location: Guest box
O'Dell, Charles (Wayne) – Building Maintenance
Building and Grounds
Email: wayneodell@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8208
Location: E102
O'Guinn, Jody – Instructor of Public Service
Allied Health and Public Service
Email: jodyoguinn@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension:
O'Keefe, Steve – Director of College Relations
Academic Advisement
Email: steveokeefe@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8569
Location: C204E
O'Leary, Morgan – Head Lifeguard
Community Health Education Complex
Phone / Extension: 8504
Location: J-Bldg.
Oliver, Devett – Instructor of History
Communications / Humanities / Social Science
Email: devettoliver@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8798
Location: Guest box
Orrill, Denise – Associate Degree / PN Instructor
Email: deniseorrill@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 542-9210
Location: Du Quoin Extension Center
Orsburn, Taylor – Advisor/Head Softball Coach
Email: taylororsburn@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8436
Location: C101J
Osmon, Louise – Switchboard Operator I
Information Technology
Email: louiseosmon@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8100
Location: E106