P - Alphabetical Directory

Name & Department Phone & Location
Page, Lynanne – Instructor of English
Communication / Humanities / Social Science
Email: lynannepage@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 9108
Location: Guest box
Parker, Jerry – Instructor of Applied Technology
Applied Technologies
Email: jerryparker@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8862
Location: Guest box
Parks, Bryce – Instructor of Drafting
Applied Technologies
Email: bryceparks@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8764
Location: Guest Box
Parson Nalley, Justin – Lifeguard
Community Health Education Complex
Phone / Extension: 8504
Location: J-Bldg
Partlow, Geoffrey – Supervising Dentist
Allied Health and Public Services
Email: geoffreypartlow@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8690
Location: D174
Pastori, Judi
Phone / Extension: 8114
Location: C202C
Patchett, Barbara – Associate Degree Nursing / PN Professor
Email: barbarapatchett@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8498
Patrick, Linda – Instructor of Business
Business / Computer Science / Mathematics
Email: lindapatrick@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8738
Location: Guest box
Patterson, Marla – Instructor of Psychology
Communications / Humanities / Social Science
Email: marlapatterson@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8857
Location: Guest box
Pecord, Melanie – Acting Vice President of Instructional Services
Office of the Vice President of Instruction
Email: melaniepecord@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8262
Location: A16
Peebles, Martha – Instructor of Medical Assisting
Allied Health and Public Services
Email: marthapeebles@jalc.edu
Location: West Frankfort Extension Center
Penrod, Randel – Custodian
Building and Grounds
Email: randelpenrod@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8673
Location: E102
Perfetti, Marsha – Instructor of Health
Life and Physical Science
Email: marshaperfetti@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8823
Location: Guest box
Pesavento, Gayle – Associate Professor of Speech Communication
Communications / Humanities / Social Science
Email: gaylepesavento@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8786
Location: Guest box
Phelan, Michael – Instructor of Social Science
Communications / Humanities / Social Science
Email: michaelphelan@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension:
Phillips, Susan – Coordinator of Allied Health Admission
Email: susanphillips@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8497
Location: C202A
Pinto, Kemberly – Associate Professor of Spanish
Communications / Humanities / Social Science
Email: kempinto@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8315
Location: B205C
Pitafi, Basharat – Instructor of Business
Business / Computer Science / Mathematics
Email: basharatpitafi@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8852
Police, Campus
Campus Police
Phone / Extension: 985-5550
Location: E120
Porritt, Beth – Coordinator of Extension Center - West Frankfort
Continuing Education, Student Services
Email: bethporritt@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 932-6639
Location: WF Ext. Ctr.
Priddy, Donald – Director of Emergency Planning and Risk Management
Campus Police
Email: donpriddy@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8162
Location: E120
Pruitt, Lisa – Administrative Assistant V to the Dean of Financial Operations
Financial Operations
Email: lisapruitt@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8658
Location: C114
Pulley, Eric – Director of Institutional Research
Institutional Research
Email: ericpulley@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8655
Location: B30A
Pulliam, Bart – Instructor of Construction Management
Applied Technologies
Email: bartpulliam@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8637
Location: H204D