April 10, 2018

CARTERVILLE — Members of the student senate stood before the College’s board of trustees Tuesday evening with a few things to say about their experiences at John A. Logan College.

“I could talk all day about how great this college is,” said Hanna David, student senate member who was recently elected as student representative to the board of trustees. “Enrolling at John A. Logan College is a wonderful decision I’ve made in my life.”

David’s comments were echoed by other members of the student senate.

“John A. Logan College is really awesome,” said Amanda Fry. “I was just a regular high school student when I came here, even as a senior in high school I couldn’t speak in front of a group of people. Now, here I am speaking with confidence. This College and being involved in student senate has helped me a lot. I feel like everyone accepts me. I feel like I belong here.”

Quincie McFarland, secretary of the student senate, said before enrolling at John A. Logan College, he wasn’t sure college was right for him.

“I’m proud to say that I am a John A. Logan College student,” McFarland said. “The atmosphere here makes me want to become a better person. John A. Logan College is preparing me now for a four-year university and before I wasn’t even sure if college was right for me.”

Shawn Bonds moved to Southern Illinois from St. Louis, “a big change from the city to here.” He finished high school at an in-district high school, but the move from St. Louis to Southern Illinois originally proved difficult for him and “my grades weren’t the best.”

Now, Bonds, who graduates in May, is proud of his academic accomplishments.

“John A. Logan College was a second chance for me,” Bonds said. “This has been a chance for me to right my wrongs” academically.

Victoria Carlock, president of the student senate, said her experiences at John A. Logan College have “shown me that I can become a leader. These experiences are preparing me to become a teacher.”

Tim McDaniel, who served his final meeting as student trustee on the board of trustees, is also a member of student senate. “I’m the first person in my family to go to college,” McDaniel explained. “It was frightening to me. But everyone here helped me step by step. There’s a sense of family here.”

Glenn Poshard, a member of the College’s board of trustees, called the group who spoke Tuesday “a really fine group of students.”

Jacob “Jake” Rendleman, who filled the chairman’s seat Tuesday due to the absence of Chairman Bill Kilquist and the resignation of Vice-Chair Cheryl Graff, said the students’ success  “speaks volumes for all members of the Colleges faculty and staff” who make student success possible everyday at John A. Logan College.

Following the comments from students, Rendleman explained why he was sitting in the chairman’s position during the March meeting. He read the resignation letter from Graff and then appointed a two-member committee, including Poshard and Kilquist, to offer a name for a replacement for Graff’s seat.

Poshard commented on campus grants recently awarded through the College’s Foundation, noting that $16,000 was awarded for special classroom projects. He noted that the Foundation is currently seeking applications for additional grants to be awarded soon.

Previous grants were awarded to the nursing department, IT department, Logan Defenders, and an English 113 project.

Heather Hampson, College nursing instructor, was also praised for a project she oversaw last weekend that allowed special needs children to participate in an Easter egg hunt on campus.

“There were about 150 children involved and the event was so well organized,” said McDaniel.

McDaniel then spoke his final words as student trustee. “I want to thank this board for the respect you have shown me,” McDaniel said. “You kept me included and informed on every subject. It’s been an awesome experience.”

The board then approved a number of constant agent items including:

— Hanna David as new student trustee.

— Approval of Car-O-Tronic Vision 2 X2 System.

— Approval of purchase of athletic bleachers.

— Request to establish CDARS and ICS accounts with Banterra Bank.

— Corporate banking resolution for business online product with DuQuoin State Bank.