August 31, 2018

The good news keeps coming for John A. Logan College. On the heels of an announcement that fall enrollment is up 2.7 percent the College announced on Thursday that online enrollment for fall 2018 is at 2,964 students a staggering 14.1 percent increase from fall 2017. This marks the highest ever online enrollment at the College.

When asked why more people are taking classes through this less traditional method, the College’s Associate Dean for Education Technology, Krystal Reagan, said that it comes down to one word, “convenience.”

“Convenience is the obvious and probably the most popular reason, but convenience is more than just about learning online versus learning face-to-face,” Reagan said. “Convenience in online learning refers to the ability to control elements of your learning, such as when and where you want to learn, and for how long each day or week you devote to the class.”

Reagan add that online learning helps students balance their time between school, work and family.

“Many students have family or work obligations at the only time that a face-to-face class might be offered,” Regan said. “By taking an online course, the student would be able to be there for their obligations without having to sacrifice their educational goals.

Another reason for the popularity of online classes at the College is that faculty continue to improve online class offerings. One example are hybrid classes that allow students the convenience of online learning in addition to an opportunity for some face-to-face interaction with instructors.

“Hybrid courses offer the best of both worlds to students,” said Reagan. “Students that need some face-to-face interaction, but also need the flexibility of an online class are finding great success in our hybrid classes.”

College President Dr. Ron House is pleased with the growth of the College’s online program.

“I am not surprised that this area of the College continues to grow,” House said. “The outstanding work that our faculty and staff are doing to continually improve course offerings is allowing students to get the same high quality education we have always offered with the convenience that allows them to be successful.”