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The entire Rights and Responsibilities document

Table of Contents
Rights and Responsibilities: A Student Code of Conduct
Article I - General
Article II - Equal Educational Opportunity
Article III - Academic Regulations
Article IV – Regulations Regarding Health and Safety
Article V - Health and Wellness
Article VI
Article VII - Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
Article VIII - Electronic Information Systems (Board Policy 3365)
Article IX - Academic Honor Code (Board Policy 8313)
Article X - Regulations Concerning Student Behavior (Board Policy 8315)
Article XI - Student Clubs and Organizations (Administrative Procedure 808)
Article XII - Conduct of John A. Logan College Student Athletes
Article XIII – Weapons and Firearms Policy (Board Policy 3373)
Article XIV - Disciplinary Procedures
Article XV- Divisibility and Amending Procedure
Appendix A - Classroom Conduct Form and Course Re-entry Agreement
Appendix B - Student Grade Appeal Form
Appendix C - Student Plagiarism Form
Appendix D - Information Sheet for CANTS and Student Release of Information, Early Childhood Education
Appendix E – Violation of Academic Honor Code Reporting Form
Appendix F – Resource and Referral Options
Appendix G – Student Grievance/Complaint Form