March 31, 2014

Logan Media Services

CARTERVILLE – John A. Logan College was the site of the 35th Annual High School Art and Writing Awards presentation Friday. Following is a breakdown of all the winners:

<strong>ART AWARDS</strong>

Drawing: Emilee Key, Marion-first; Dana Westerberg, West Frankfort-second; and Alexis Rogue, Johnston City-third.

Painting: Alison Moreno, Carbondale-first; Tyler Davis, Carterville-second; and Yoonjoo Moon, Carbondale-third.

Other Media 2D: Nathan Headd, Marion-first; Eleni Robinson, Carterville-second; and Carrie Thompson, Marion-third.

Ceramics: Mary Kate Markley, Marion-first; Tyler Davis, Carterville-second; and Will Cottonaro-Johnston City-third.

Sculpture: Michael Bu, Carbondale-first; Megan Benitone, Herrin-second; and Chelsea Crider, Johnston City-third.

Other Media 3D: Harrison Thomas, Carterville and Nicole Sayavong,
Carterville-tied for first; Misha Buila-Carbondale-second; and Kaili Bacon, Carbondale-third.

Photography: Mary Newman, Marion-first; Bailey Simpson, Marion-second; and Calli Palmer, Carbodale-third.

Computer Art: Jeremiah Amble, Marion-first; Ebony Bardo, Marion-second; and Sarah Thompson, Marion-third.

Best of Show: Harrison Thomas of Carterville and Nicole Sayavong, Carterville.

<strong>WRITING AWARDS</strong>

Poetry: Brendan Lewis, Marion-first; Sierra Heckman, Carbondale-second; Helen Lant, Carbondale-third; Sierra Heckman, Carbondale, Kaitlyn Bonds, Marion, Brianna Halliday, Carbondale, Helen Lant, Carbondale, Michael McGee, Marion and Laura Guebert, Herrin (Judges’ Preference)

Fiction: Elizabeth Tolly, Carbondale-first; Rachael Paull, Carbondale-second; Nicholas Ginsburg, Carbondale-third; Kian Stevens-Winston, Carbondale, Marlie Bruns, Carbondale, and Max Rowe-Sutton, Carbondale (Judges’ Preference).

Personal Essay: Radia Lahlou, Carbondale-first; Helen Lant, Carbondale-second; Lola Alcintaye, Carbondale-third; Katie Childers, Marion, Lily Srankoski, Carbondale, Alyssa Miller, Marion, and Megan Odaniell, Carbondale (Judges’ Preference).

Research Essay: Katie Childers, Marion-first; Prerak Trivedi and Anish Bhattacharya, Carbondale-second; Shruti Kumar, Carbondale-third; Radia Lahlou, Carbondale and Anna Spoerre, Carbondale (Judges’ Preference).

Song Lyric: Samuel Dirnbeck, West Frankfort-first; Radia Lahlou, Carbondale-second and Radia Lahlou, Carbondale-third.

Drama: Rachael Vargas, Carbondale and Megan Benitone, Herrin-tied for first.