February 26, 2015

Logan Media Service

CARTERVILLE - Jason Tanner, PhD., professor of business at John A. Logan College, was recently recognized for his work in the classroom.  He was chosen the Illinois Association for Career and Technical Education (IACTE) Postsecondary Teacher of the Year at the organization’s annual conference earlier this month.

The award is given based on an educator’s teaching, service to the profession, and student evaluations. 

“I received the Postsecondary Teacher of the Year award from the Illinois Business Education Association (IBEA), which is an affiliate of the IACTE, so my name was automatically forwarded to the overall competition,” Tanner said.  “There are several affiliates in the IACTE, and each affiliate is able to nominate individuals from their areas.  I was honored to be selected.”

Melanie Pecord, chair of the Business Education Department at JALC, believes Tanner deserved the award. 

“I have worked with Dr. Tanner for more than six years in many different capacities, and he is a very professional, thoughtful, compassionate and dedicated individual who is driven by the desire to ensure student success,” Pecord said. “I’m happy he was acknowledged in this way.”

Tanner, a resident of Marion, has taught at JALC since 2006.  He teaches Introduction to Business, Computer Applications, Integrated Accounting on Computers, Payroll Accounting, and Tax Accounting.  He has also been active in several professional organizations and is currently the president of the Illinois Business Education Association.

“I really enjoy working at Logan and love working with the students,” Tanner said.  “The class sizes here are small, which allows me the chance to get to know many of my students on a one-on-one basis.”    

With his win at the IACTE conference, Tanner is now in the running to be named the Region III Association for Career and Technical Education Postsecondary Teacher of the Year.  The winner of that award will be announced this summer.