September 3, 2015

Logan Media Services

CARTERVILLE – John A. Logan College Marketing Director, Dr. Steve O’Keefe, addressed a dozen men’s basketball players Wednesday on the potential pitfalls of social media in a psychology class taught by instructors David Cochran and Tom Chandler.

The class was formed specifically for basketball players to learn various life skills at the college level and beyond.

Cochran said this fall marks the second year in the last three that he and Chandler have taught the class.

“What we try to do is lay the foundation for a successful life after basketball,” Cochran said. “The coaches have been very supportive of what we do for the kids, and usually the kids come around to appreciate the class. I think you could say it grows on them.”

An alumnus of the University of Mississippi and ardent sports enthusiast, O’Keefe spoke in great detail about thinking things through before making a Facebook post or retweeting someone else’s controversial tweets, for example.

“Remember, freedom of speech does not equal freedom from consequences,” O’Keefe warned. “If you retweet a trash-talking tweet from a friend, you might get caught in the middle of an ugly conversation over the Internet. And you don’t want that because you can’t win. You always have to be cognizant of how you present yourself in public.”

O’Keefe advised the student-athletes to be wise in whom they associate with or follow on Twitter.

“Nothing is truly private…ever,” he said. “Content can be captured in screenshots or saved by other users. And that message someone thinks only his or her friends will see can actually be seen by anyone.”


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