September 16, 2015

College Relations

John A. Logan College officials announced Tuesday that the College will pay over 400 students the state’s Monetary Award Program (MAP) grant despite the lack of a state budget.  Springfield lawmakers are yet to approve a budget for the current fiscal year leaving the MAP Grant Program unfunded and hundreds of students in financial need.

According to Interim Vice President for Student Affairs and Community Education, Dr. Larry Peterson, officials decided to approve the award to students rather than charge the student PELL Grant.

“Initially, the plan was to charge the tuition and fees the MAP grant covers to the student’s federal PELL Grant,” Peterson said. “After much discussion, we felt that this was going to put an additional strain on students to cover the cost of supplies, and other expenses.”

Despite difficult financial times brought on by the lack of a budget, the College will pay out nearly $250,000 to over 400 students.

“When the budget is approved, the funds will go back to the College,” Peterson added. “Even during these difficult times, our first priority has to be to our students and every effort has to be made to insure their success.”

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