October 2, 2015

Dr. Michael Stroud
Southern Illinois Healthcare

Have you ever wondered how to progress your strength-training program in order to achieve the most benefit for your sport? The two articles featured here focus on how to advance an athlete’s training program through the different phases of strength training. The articles address the term “periodization,” which is the systematic planning of a strength-training program.

The articles describe a year-long training program (macrocycle) and offer suggestions on how to progress your strength program through the different phases (mesocycles). The mesocycles described in the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) article explain how to progress the athlete’s training by starting with lighter loads/higher reps and progressing to higher loads/fewer reps. Athletes should note that other factors could affect training such as diet, rest, and overtraining.

It is imperative that strength-training programs are designed for the specific needs of the participant’s sport. Baseline strength tests are also recommended for measuring the athlete’s progress throughout the training program.

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Dr. Michael Stroud is a certified athletic trainer, physical therapist assistant and certified strength and conditioning specialist with Sportsology.

Sportsology is the collaboration between Southern Illinois Healthcare (SIH), Rehab Unlimited, and Southern Illinois University (SIU) Healthcare Sports Medicine Physicians and Fellows. Dr. Stroud’s doctoral research focused on physical therapy clinical practices, specifically clinicians’ use of evidence-based practice.