November 30, 2015

Logan Media Services

CARTERVILLE – John A. Logan College business instructor Jason Tanner was recently recognized by the Illinois Business Education Association for his work this past year while serving as president of the organization.

“The opportunity to network with other business educators from around the state and country was a benefit that could only be obtained by being so involved in the IBEA,” Tanner said. “I became more aware of current legislation and current trends in business education, which improved my teaching, thus benefiting the college.”

Tanner said he was fortunate enough to attend myriad conferences during his one-year tenure as president, including:

  • Association for Career and Technical Education VISION Conference
  • Illinois Association for Career and Technical Education Conference 
  • Illinois Business Education Association Conference
  • National Business Education Association Convention
  • North Central Business Education Association Conference

“While attending the National Business Education Association convention, I brought greetings on behalf of the IBEA,” Tanner said.  “And in coordination with the IBEA Executive Director, I was involved in a membership drive for the IBEA.”

This school year, Tanner serves the association as its Past-President and will be responsible for securing nominations for the upcoming officer election, as well as nominating outstanding business educators for state, regional, and national awards.