May 1, 2016

Logan Media Services

CARTERVILLE – The John A. Logan College Scholarship Committee has awarded the Gladys, Carolyn and Jake Rendleman Nursing Scholarships to Thomas Slavin of Marion, Nolan Lipe of Pinckneyville, Kim Sprague of Energy, and Kari Chow of Energy.

The scholarship is awarded to a John A. Logan College Nursing student who possesses a true dedication to the profession of nursing and has demonstrated the potential of becoming a registered nurse.

Each student will receive a $600 scholarship to help offset the costs of their testing fees.

“I am so excited to learn I have received this scholarship.  It is truly a blessing and I want to thank Mr. and Mrs. Rendleman for providing this scholarship. It will help me achieve my goal of becoming a nurse,” Sprague said.

An endowment established by Jake and Carolyn Rendleman, as well as Jake’s mother, Gladys Rendleman, funds the scholarships each year.

Gladys Rendleman worked for many years as a registered nurse.  She graduated the Holden Hospital School of Nursing in Carbondale in 1928 and worked at what is now Memorial Hospital of Carbondale. 

“Nursing is a profession that I have the utmost respect for,” Jake Rendleman said.  “We are happy to be able to help these bright students achieve their goals.  When you support a student by providing a scholarship, you are investing in more than just that student, you’re investing in your community.”