May 13, 2016

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CARTERVILLE, IL, May 13, 2016– Jane Minton, a Humanities Instructor at John A. Logan College, was chosen the college’s “Outstanding Term (Part-Time) Faculty Member” for 2016. It is her first time receiving this award.

Minton, a resident of Du Quoin, has been teaching Death and Dying at Logan part time since 1990 and also taught General Psychology for 10 years.

“Death and Dying is one of those classes that people are never sure what it is about,” Minton said. “We cover a wide range of topics, including how different cultures and religions deal with death, the history of death in America, and the many legal and ethical aspects of it. I want the students to look at death from an academic point of view.

“Death is one of those things that people don’t talk about,” she continued. “This class opens up communication so the students can talk about it among themselves, write about it in their journals, and discuss it with family members.” 

Mark Henson, Dean for Academic Affairs at JALC, is a fan of Minton’s teaching style.

“Jane has taught Death and Dying for many years at the college,” Henson said. “It obviously is a sensitive subject area, but Jane teaches it in a way that touches her students in the most positive manner.  Psychological aspects of death, dying patients and their survivors, suicide, and other related topics have been presented by Jane in a manner that has provided a much better understanding and acceptance by her students.”

Minton said she has always loved interacting with students.

“I get a variety of students with varying backgrounds in my classes, and I enjoy working with them,” Minton said. “It makes me feel good when they tell me how much they’ve learned and that they’re surprised by how much they liked the class. Many of them tell me it’s their favorite class.”

In addition to teaching, Minton worked full time at Logan for 26 years, 1988-2014. She worked in the Adult Education Program, was an advisor/counselor in the Student Success Center, and served as the director of academic advisement. She has bachelor’s degrees in both business administration and psychology, a master’s degree in gerontology, and enough graduate-level psychology hours to teach psychology at a community college.

Cheryl Thomas, Biology Instructor and Chair of the Life Sciences Department at Logan, worked with Minton for many years when both were in the Student Success Center and said she Minton is deserving of the award.

“I was so pleased to see Jane recognized,” Thomas said. “Having worked with her for several years, I got to see the positive impact she made in students' lives. She not only assisted them in their college journey, she also empowered them to be successful students and citizens. She truly made a difference in my life and all those around her.”

Minton said she has thoroughly enjoyed her time at JALC.

“My career at Logan has been very satisfying and rewarding,” she said. “I feel extremely fortunate to have worked there, and I have no plans to stop teaching anytime soon.”


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