December 5, 2017

CARTERVILLE — Coach Kyle Smithpeters still has a full head of hair, but it wouldn’t be surprising if during the past three games he has pulled a little of it out.

Smithpeters and the John A. Logan College Volunteers have played into overtime during the past three consecutive games. The Vols lost the first overtime game, but won the next two.

“Overtime games show a lot about a team,” Smithpeters said. “With us being so young, and such a new team, the experience of playing in those situations have been great for our growth as a group.”

A tip-in at the buzzer gave the Vols (now 8-1) their first loss on Nov. 22 while on the road. A week later, while on the road again, the Volunteers came back late in the game to force overtime in a 96-94 victory. Last Wednesday, the Vols needed overtime again to gain another road win 104-102.

“We won two out of three games on the road during this run,” Smithpeters noted. “Road wins are hard to come by in college basketball.”

Smithpeters added, “You want your team to experience adversity. Three overtime games in a row is a great test for when we get to the month of March. We have plenty of work to do, but being 8-1 right now is a good spot to be in.”

Six Vols currently have scoring averages in the double-figures. Three of these players are averaging about 15 points per game, Ronnie Carson, Jaiveon Eaves, and David Sloan.

The Vols play Southeastern Illinois College Saturday, Dec. 9, at 3 p.m. in Carterville. The Lady Vols play Southeastern at 1 p.m.