January 18, 2018

CARTERVILLE — The John A. Logan College athletic department has been bursting at the seams with good news lately.

— The women’s softball team went 46-12 last season and played in the national tournament.

— The men’s baseball team ended the season 40-13, including a win over the nation’s number one team.

— The women’s volleyball team won the Region 24 tournament and came just one win away from going to the national tournament.

— Tom Ferris — who has coached golf at John A. Logan College for the past 20 years — was recently inducted into the NJCAA Coaches Hall of Fame.

— Longtime JALC baseball coach Jerry Halstead has also been recently chosen for induction into the NJCAA Coaches Hall of Fame.

— The men’s basketball team is currently 13-3, ranked 17th in the nation and averaging about 100 points a game.

— The women’s basketball team is currently 10-4 and also putting up big numbers on the scoreboard.

— The women’s golf performed well in the fall and is looking forward to the spring.

With all of the success in the athletic department, athletic director Greg Starrick began to envision a much improved website. He immediately reached out to the College’s webmaster Phillip Lane, who showed enthusiasm. The College’s new assistant baseball coach, Patrick Morey, has a background in website development. Starrick also reached out to Morey for suggestions. The trio made strides toward improvements.

“Patrick said our website should be reflective of our success,” Starrick said. “He was certainly right about that and we began a push to improve the athletic website, reaching out to other coaches for input also.”

Those improvements were recently unveiled.

“Phillip did a great job,” Morey said, “Loganvols.com is truly a great one-stop shop for Logan athletics. It has everything from our social media sites, rosters, schedules, everything all in one place. The site is in our full control so we can continue to update/change almost anything on the site to fit the needs of each individual program. The possibilities with loganvols.com are truly endless.”

Said Morey, “Recruiting wise, we no longer need to say each site a possible recruit needs to look to find information on our teams, now its go to loganvols.com and it’s all there.”

Starrick couldn’t be more pleased.

“It’s an outstanding website, brought about by a suggestion and hard work,” Starrick said. “I couldn’t be more pleased and I believe those who visit the site will be just as pleased as I am.”

Improvements brought about by teamwork. How fitting.