February 23, 2018

CARTERVILLE — With three regular season games remaining, David Sloan has already set a school record for most assists in a season.

Sloan, a freshman, a 6-foot point guard from Louisville, Ky., has shattered a record held by Ameer Watts since 2001. Watts’ record of 221 assists in a season held for 17 seasons; Sloan, averaging nearly 10 assists per game, already has 257 assists this season.

“And with three games left in the regular season, there’s still a lot of basketball yet to be played,” said JALC’s head basketball coach Kyle Smithpeters. “Based on his average, he’s going to get very close to 300 assists before the season ends.”

In basketball, an assist is earned by a player who passes the ball to a teammate in a way that leads to a score by field field.

Sloan’s no-look style of passing often leaves defenders confused and teammates open to score. His ability to pass and perform as a playmaker has helped Logan to a record of 22-5 so far this season while averaging 97 points per game.

Wednesday night, the Vols scored 120 points against Lake Land College.

Sloan also leads the nation in assists, according to NJCAA statistics. And he’s only a freshman, Smithpeters explains.

“He has come in here and right off the bat has set a school record,” Smithpeters said. “That’s impressive, but the way he has done it is even more impressive. He has done it by sharing the ball, being an efficient passer, and showing his unselfishness on offense. He’s been a point guard the team can rally around.”

As head coach, Smithpeters has 135 wins during the past six seasons. In order to be that successful, Smithpeters said it has taken teams who have played together and shown a willingness to win by supporting one another.

“It’s always amazing what a team can accomplish when they play together like the team we have this year,” Smithpeters said. “This team cares about one another and genuinely celebrates when another player sees success. Because of this, I’m not surprised to see one of our players set a school record and lead the nation.”