January 24, 2019

John A. Logan College President, Dr. Ron House announced that the College currently has the lowest in-district tuition and mandatory fees rate in the state.  According to House, the College has not raised in-district tuition in three years despite tough economic times in Illinois.  House made the announcement at the January 22 meeting of the John A. Logan College Board of Trustees.  The Board of Trustees met in regular session on Tuesday evening despite road conditions that left most southern Illinois schools, including John A. Logan closed during the day. The board took up several issues including a revised retirement incentive while tabling a vote that would have raised tuition for international students.

Mixed in with other consent agenda items relating to maintenance and other projects was a proposal to raise tuition for international students.  Student trustee Hanna David, an international student from Brazil asked that the issue be pulled for discussion.  Ms. David provided insight and detail into the impact the tuition raise would have on international students at the College. The international rate has historically been established as equivalent to the College’s cost of producing a credit hour, which is currently $448. There are currently less than 20 international students enrolled at the College.

After several minutes of discussion by the trustees, including comments by trustees Glenn Poshard and Jake Rendleman supporting the benefits that international students bring to John A. Logan College, a motion was made at the suggestion of Board chair Bill Kilquist to table the vote until further data could be considered.  Despite the fact that her vote is only an advisory vote Hanna David abstained from voting due to her status as an international student.

At the conclusion of the vote Kilquist urged David to consider changing her major to law.

“You stated that you are just a student trustee, but you are the student trustee, and you have made an outstanding and compelling argument, so good, that I think you should major in law” said Kilquist.

Vice President for Business Services and College Facilities Brad McCormick announced that the new SIH Medical Group Walk-in Clinic is now open and seeing patients inside the Logan Fitness Center.  According to McCormick, the Clinic is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM and is open to anyone.

We have conducted somewhere in the neighborhood of 35 million dollars in construction or renovation projects in the last 12 years at the College, and it is very rare for a project to be on time and on budget,” said McCormick.  “This project (walk-in clinic) met both those criteria, which has resulted in the clinic opening at the start of the semester, well ahead of schedule.”

McCormick recognized Jon Killman the on-site manager for JL Robison construction, the General Contractor for the Walk-in Clinic project. 

“I wanted to bring the contractor here to formally recognize their good work,” said McCormick. “The clinic opened two weeks early.  It is a great project and one that we are excited to now have in place.”

Trustee Bill Orrill added that he has known the general contractor for many years, and he was not surprised that the project was completed under budget and on time.

“This is one of the best if not the best contractors in southern Illinois,” said Orill.  “Family owned with a long standing reputation of excellent work.”

Acting Vice President for Instruction Melanie Pecord announced that the College has started a new social media campaign called “Life at Logan.”  According to Pecord, the new campaign will highlight stories about students.  Pecord also announced that a new simulation software program purchased by a grant from the John A. Logan College Foundation for the criminal justice program, will provide field training for both JALC students and local communities.

In old business the board approved a revision to Board Policy 5141 regarding retirement benefits.  Several new term faculty and continuing education instructors were ratified as well.  The Board will next meet on February 26 at 7PM in the Administration building.