February 26, 2019

John A. Logan College Acting Vice President for Instruction, Melanie Pecord, has been selected as a recipient of the Phi Theta Kappa Distinguished College Administrator Award. The award is presented annually to college vice presidents, deans, and directors who show strong support of their college’s Phi Theta Kappa chapter.

Melanie Pecord started teaching at John A. Logan in 1994 and has spent time as a professor, department chair, and dean of academic affairs. She has served as the Acting Vice President for Instruction since 2016.

Pecord believes that it was her years in the classroom that has prepared her to work closely with students as an administrator.

“I appreciate that my background is the classroom,” says Pecord. “That’s my foundation, and I feel it has afforded me the opportunity to understand and grow and build relationships because I’ve been there and done it. I get it and understand it.”

During her time as the Acting Vice President she has spent substantial time meeting and working with the College’s PTK because she believes that one of the most important parts of her job as an administrator is to help build confidence and encourage [students] to believe in themselves and that they can do whatever they set their minds to.

For Pecord, winning the award was a surprise because she did not know that the chapter had submitted her name.

“I was very humbled and extremely honored that they even considered submitting my name, said Pecord. “After it sunk in, I realized just how exciting this is because I know that our students feel our support, that they know we’re here for them, they know we’re pushing them, and that our number one goal is for them to succeed.”

While she is the one receiving the award Pecord is quick to point out that student success at JALC is a complete team effort stressing the importance of campus leaders working together as a team to build something great.

“It’s such an honor, but as I said extremely humbling because I don’t feel like it’s ME. I feel like it’s US, our team, that should be honored,” said Pecord. “I feel like that while I might be the person receiving the award that it’s really on behalf of all of us at the College because that’s how we function. We function as a team.”

John A. Logan College President, Dr. Ron House is not surprised that Pecord is being honored for her work.

“Melanie has done an outstanding job in everything she has done at the College especially as Acting Vice President,” said House. “She works tirelessly to make this institution a better place, for not only for the students but for faculty and staff as well. She is extremely worthy of this award.”

The PTK Catalyst 2019 Convention will take place in Orlando, Florida, April 4 through 6. The annual conference is attended by over 4,000 students, alumni, chapter advisors, and college presidents. John A. Logan College Phi Theta Kappa chapter is active at both the state and national level having been recognized as one the top chapters in the nation at previous conferences.