August 15, 2019

It doesn’t take long to figure out where John A. Logan College Dean of Students, Tim Williams’s heart is when you talk to him about John A. Logan College.

“I just have a heart for students, and I know everyone in this division (student services) does too,” said Williams.  “We know now more than ever just how important it is to show this each day to students, to help them be successful in this journey.”

Student Services at John A. Logan College encompasses everything from admissions, to advisement, dual credit, career services, financial aid, veteran’s resources, recruitment and retention, marketing, and student activities.

“We impact students from the time they begin to consider John A. Logan College until graduation,” added Williams. “We know that one bad experience can determine whether or not they continue at the College, and we take that very seriously.

Working with students of diverse backgrounds and ages means that staff have to be prepared to adjust their approach with every student.

“There is no one method when it comes to working with students,” said Dr. Steve O’Keefe, who works in marketing and retention as well as academic advisement. “We have students from the Greatest Generation through Millennials and now Gen Z. Each with a different perception of how their education and customer service should be delivered, and we have to be cognizant of that.”

“Some students are very tech savvy, while others are not.  Some need to have their hand held throughout the process, while others want very little contact,” added O’Keefe. “We have to be able to communicate with each of those students in a way that helps them be successful.

According to O’Keefe, the College uses every delivery method possible to communicate with students from traditional telephone calls, to text, and emails with an increased presence on social media.

From the recruitment process through graduation staff have been focusing on three areas to help students.

“We call it the three P’s; prepare, persist, and prevail,” said Williams. “We are focusing on working with our high school students to ensure that they are fully prepared for college, and then we focus on every method to help them be successful at the College with the ultimate goal of completing a degree or certificate.”

“We take this very seriously in Student Services we believe that every opportunity we have to impact a student has to be done in a positive way and that begins and ends with good customer service,” said Williams.

John A. Logan College wants to reverse the national trend of declining enrollment one student at a time. Students interested in John A. Logan College can call the admissions office at 618-985-2828 or online at