September 2, 2019

John A. Logan College continues to put 2016 and the budget standoff in the rearview mirror. The Board approved the FY20 budget, along with contract agreements for every group on campus with the exception of adjunct faculty who are in the final stages of negotiations, at its monthly board meeting on Tuesday, August 27. With the passage of the budget, board members had a frank and open discussion about past issues the College has faced and the momentum it has gained moving forward.

“When you look at the budget process that just took place that involved individuals from all over campus working together to ensure that revenue meets needs.  When you look at the recent addition of solar panels on campus and new programs like Agriculture and our nationally acclaimed Cyber Security Program you see vision for this College not as a noun, but as a verb,” said Trustee Glenn Poshard. “Community colleges are here to meet needs as they arise, and I think that we are doing that which says so much from where we were a few years ago.”

One future program was highlighted when Dean of Academic Affairs, Dr. Stephanie Hartford announced that the College had recently reached an agreement with SIUE to allow Associate Degree Nursing students to complete their BSN through the Edwardsville College.

“I am pleased to announce a great opportunity for our College, our students and all of southern Illinois because obviously we hear time and time again that there is a great need for nurses in our area. To help meet that need Southern Illinois University Edwardsville has reached out to the College to offer an enhanced articulation agreement,” said Hartford. “Typically students would come to our college for two years and then transfer on to the university, but with this new agreement students can complete 109.5 hours at John A. Logan College and a mere 22 hours online at SIUE to complete the BSN.”

According to Hartford, the typical Bachelor’s degree is 120 hours. This program will be 130 with 109 of those hours completed at JALC.

“They will do two full years in our nursing program including the LPN and ADN including all of their general electives and then 22 hours online through SIUE,” said Hartford. “This means they will be able to complete the BSN without ever having to leave southern Illinois.

Hartford added that the program is not in competition with the new nursing program at SIUC.

“Students will have options. The program at SIUC will be a traditional face to face that students wanting the on campus experience will be interested in, while others may choose our program based on cost, or living at home, or the reputation of our program,” said Hartford.

In addition to approving the tentative budget for 2019-2020 the Board approved collective bargaining agreements for full-time faculty, as well as wage agreements with: Logan Operational Staff Association, Laborer’s Local 773, and Teamsters Local No. 50.  In addition to agreements salary increases were approved for Non-teaching Professionals and Executive Support Staff.

College President Dr. Ron House commented on the contract negotiations.

“I want to thank all of our employees for their patience and understanding of the financial problems that this institution encountered two or three years ago,” said House. “It was in large part because of their consideration and concession that this institution was able to pull out of the financial institution as quickly as we have. This is a good contract and well deserved, and I am happy to recommend this contract to the Board.”

A number of personnel issues were approved including the title change from Acting Vice President of Instruction to Vice President of Instruction for Dr. Melanie Pecord.  Dr. Pecord will have a three year contract effective September 1, 2019.  The next scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees is Tuesday, September 24 at 7 PM.