October 21, 2019

John A. Logan College will host a solar power for business symposium on Thursday, October 24 from 10 AM to 12 PM in the College’s Conference Center, rooms 103 and 104.  Attendees will learn from experts in the field about incentives that may be available for installing solar including: Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC), Modified Accelerated Cash Recovery System (MACS Depreciation), Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECS), and the DG (Smart Inverter) Rebate.  Representatives from both Ameren and Egyptian Electric will also be available.

According to Aur Beck from Advanced Solar Solutions there are many benefits to installing solar power at business locations.

“Lower levelized cost of energy, decreased tax liability, and protection from rising energy costs are just a few of the benefits,” said Beck. “In addition to the savings, there are also marketing opportunities and improved customer perception that improves overall brand.”

The symposium is made possible by a grant from the Illinois Green Economy Network. For more information contact Tim Gibson (618) 985-2828, ext. 8109 or by email at timgibson@jalc.edu.