January 10, 2020

The Poshard Foundation for Abused Children was recently honored with a $15,000 donation from the George A. Bates Memorial Foundation. Dr. Michael Murray, a trustee for the Foundation, presented the check to the founders of the Poshard Foundation, Glenn and Jo Poshard.

This is the second year that Murray, one of three trustees on the Foundation, was able to garner the support for the southern Illinois charity that helps heal children suffering from physical and emotional abuse by providing funds when other funds are not available.

The Bates Foundation, located in Chicago donates only to 501c3 charitable organizations. The three trustees of the Foundation meet once a year to determine what charities to support.

The Foundation supports about 15 groups annually with each trustee making a case for the organizations they want to support. This marks the second year in a row that Murray has selected the Poshard Foundation as one of his groups because of the Foundation’s dedication to the children of southern Illinois.

“What I look for in an organization is dedication to their mission and their passion for their cause,” said Murray. “I have known Glenn and Jo for years, and know firsthand their passion for the cause of abused and neglected children. So I know when I hand this check off it is in good hands, and for the second year in a row the other members of the Foundation agreed.”

According to Glenn Poshard, donations of this size are not common, (and is) greatly appreciated.

“This is really important to us for a number of reasons. We don’t have a marketing budget or solicit donations from other foundations. Everything we get is by word of mouth,” said Poshard. “We don’t get these types of grants every day.  It will go a long way and help a lot of children.”

Jo Poshard stated that this donation will go directly to children in need in southern Illinois.

“In southern Illinois we have 15 or 16 counties that have two and half times the state average of child abuse.  What we try to do is bridge the gap for those children and get them the things that traditional funding cannot get them,” said Jo Poshard. “So when agencies run into a dead-end they know they can call us to help provide anything from beds to sleep in, to counseling services.  It can even be a new pair of shoes to wear to court to testify against their perpetrator. These funds will go to help the children, not rent, not salaries, just the children, and we are very grateful to the Bates Foundation.”

You may contact The Poshard Foundation for Abused Children at: Poshard Foundation for Abused Children 700 Logan College Drive Carterville, IL 62918-2500 or by phone at (618) 985-2828, ext. 8564.