• USPS and Campus Mail Receiving and Delivery
  • Full-Service Printing (Printnet), Copying, Scanning, and Bindery
  • Printnet Technical Support
  • Homework Drop-off Services
  • Desktop Printer Cartridge Orders

Print Now with PrintNet


Room C115 at John A. Logan College, Carterville Campus (just east of the Cafeteria)


Monday – Friday: 7:30am – 4:30pm
(Between Semesters: 8:00am open, Closed Summer Fridays)


Amy Bafford, Manager, Ext. 8280
Printnet Support, Student Copies/Prints, Bindery, Software/Layout Questions, Student Pickup Window

Frances Cobb, Mail Clerk/Copy & Print Operator, Ext. 8603
Printnet Support, Mail Services, Student Copies/Prints, Bindery, Student Pickup Window

Julie Boles, Copy & Print Specialist, Ext. 8381
Printnet Support, Student Copies/Prints, Bindery, Student Pickup Window

Student Workers (4 rotating student workers)
Student Copies/Scans, Bindery, Student Pickup Window, Campus Mail Routes


Free Full-Service Student Printing/Copying/Scanning/Bindery

  • Printnet link for Students on jalc.edu/MyJALC/Printnet or on D2L
  • Copying (on demand) or drop-off Copies and Pickup Later
  • Scanning to Email (color or black and white)
  • Free Stapling, 3-Hole Punching, Cutting, Folding, Booklets, Scoring, Perforating

Homework Submission Services

  • Should your Instructor direct you to submit your Homework in his/her absence, we can process it and deliver it to them
  • Visit the Student Pickup Window in C115 to submit your Homework ONLY if directed by your Instructor

Related Services

  • Self-Serve Copying, Printing, (black and white only) and Scanning (color) JALC Library (Room C123)
    • Available to students and the public at no charge.
    • One printer is available in the JALC Library for Self-Serve Printing.
    • It is available on a first come, first serve basis only.
    • We recommend you utilize Printnet first, as you may have to wait during busy times.
  • Faxing for Students on Campus (Room C201)
    • Should you need to send a fax pertaining to your JALC class or degree, a fax machine is available in the Admissions office.
  • Faxing for Students off Campus (personal faxing)
    • Faxing is available using the Fax Zero website. Free up to 3 pages, over 3 pages at a cost. (www.faxzero.com)
    • Faxing is also available at the Carterville IGA and Carbondale Staples (at a cost).


Full Service Printing (Black & White and Color)

  • Printnet link for Faculty/Staff on Sharepoint under “Links and Tools”
    • Detailed Instructions on CSS Home Page on Sharepoint

Copying & Scanning (Black & White and Color)

  • Walkup and Wait Copies (on demand)
  • Drop-off Originals and Pickup Copies Later
  • Scan hard copy documents to pdf and Email to you


  • Cutting, Folding, 3-Hole Punching, Booklets, Comb Binding, 3-Ring Binders, Scoring, Perforating (limited services for students)

United States Postal Service Mail Room and Campus Mail Room

  • A key is mandatory for access to your mailbox, keys assigned by Frances
  • Return your key if you’re not returning to JALC
  • Mailings over 200 pieces could receive discount pricing, call for details!

Printer Cartridges – Guaranteed Price Checking

  • Vendors: Staples.com, Staples Advantage, Office Depot, CDS, CDWG
  • Orders are placed weekly for Desktop Printer Cartridges
  • All Desktop Printer cartridges must be ordered through our office
  • All Ricoh Toners for contract copiers are available in our office at no charge

Copier/Printer Paper

  • Purchase paper by the ream and by the case
  • 8.5 x 11: 20# white, 20# pastels, 24# white color copy paper
  • 8.5 x 11: 65# and 80# white cardstock, 67# blue cardstock
  • 8.5 x 14: 20# white, 24# white color copy paper
  • 11 x 17: 20# white, 24# white color copy paper

Related Services

  • “How To” Documents
    • On CSS Home Page on Sharepoint
  • College Media (Room C207B) Robin Egelston, Ext. 8276
    • Graphic Design, Laminating, and Mounting Services
  • Syllabi Posting (Room G204) Glenda Hastings, Ext. 8384
    • Templates for Syllabi can be found on Sharepoint
  • Library (Room C123)
    • Self-Serve Copying, Printing, (black and white only) and Scanning (color or black and white) is available to students and the public in the Library at no charge
  • Learning Resource Center (Room C230)
    • Self-serve copying (C230) is available to full-time faculty
    • Self-serve copying (C232) is available to term faculty (entry code needed)
  • Faxing for Faculty/Staff
    • Faxing is available in select offices only. Go to jalc.edu and click on the “contact us” tab. On the department listing, you will see which offices have a fax number available. Please ask permission before using an office’s fax number.

Please don’t hesitate to call Campus Support Services: 618-985-2828, ext. 8280. We are happy to assist you!